Duolingo English test is an adaptive English language assessment system which can be accessed online anywhere and anytime in test takers’ conducive time. The test is accepted by over 3,000 institutions which lasts for only an hour to complete. The burgeoning popularity of the test relies on the tiny registration fees that is only $ 49 so far, and its convenient conduction through own devices and own places. There is no order of the question type that should be completed by the test takers during the test; the questions might come in any order.

Test takers must have their passport, driver’s license or government ID to register for the test. Moreover, a quiet and well-lit room, reliable internet and a computer with front facing camera, microphone, and speaker are mandatory before one endeavors to sit for the test.


The test generally has three different parts: quick setup for 5 minutes, 45 minutes for adaptive test, and a video interview of 10 minutes.

Types of Questions

  1. Fill in the blank
  2. Yes/No Vocabular
  3. Identify the image
  4. Dictation
  5. Read-aloud
  6. Speaking-Describing a picture
  7. Speaking- Answer the questions
  8. Writing- Describe the picture
  9. Writing-Answer the questions
  10. Interview

Taking its test fee, level of complexity, flexibility and convenient procedures into consideration, Duolingo English test is one of the suitable tests for students around the world.